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California wildfires, Kavanaugh confirmation, new book on Trump.

everybody Welcome to ABC News live Im with Josh and were going to talk to correspondents covering the biggest stories happening around including devastated why are seasons on record and more to come as you can see homes destroyed Vehicles destroyed will go to report in Northern California just the moments also the contentious confirmation hearings happening on Capitol Hill involving Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court today we entered a four of those hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee committee will go live to Washington with a report on that todays headlines new employment numbers are in from the Labor Department 201,000 jobs created last month expert have been expecting right around $190,000 unemployment rate Hold Steady at 3.9% to meet with allied military commanders and the Afghan president of Johnny strong earthquake in Northern Japan has now climb to 18 dozens of people are still missing on the island of Hokkaido New York and New Jersey launched new investigations into the Roman Catholic Church is having a clergy sex abuse allegations the number of similar inquiries around the country continues to grow Bordentown New Jersey on the home of kick Maclaren Mark DAmico theyre accused of spending money raised through a GoFundMe effort on themselves and not on Johnny Bobbitt hes the homeless man they said they try to help after alone McClures money for gasoline the GoFundMe raised $400,000 for Bob who says he received only 75,000 you are still comes in second followed by Tokyo Los Angeles and Paris lets start in Northern California and the out-of-control Delta Fire exploding 22000 Acres homes and vehicles destroyed mandatory evacuations are now in place lets go to ABCs will car in Redding California morning you can imagine exactly how this battle played out fire Crews racing up trying to spray this home down you can see whats left of their hose this morning but this home was incinerated this fire has burned 22000 so far at this point its 0% contained there was those terrifying moments on Wednesday at I-5 not far from where we are now were truck drivers and drivers were trapped on the interstate is a wall of flame race in their Direction some had to get out and flee on foot in their vehicles that were destroyed like I said theyre still 0% containment a lot of the brush and the trees in this area or just boned buy perfect fuel for this fire it comes on the heels of the car fire which took place in Redding California just over a month ago that fire destroyed more than 1,600 Homes at this point this will be the worst wildfire season in California history fires that burn 1.2 million acres and destroyed more than 845 million dollars in property so far and we still have several months to go and the bad news is Cal Fire at this point its also running out of money as the Fight Continues with most precious funds drying up our thanks to will car today we want to turn to Washington now in the fiery confirmation for the Supreme Court lets bring it ABCs Terry Moran who covers the Supreme Court Forest Terry weve already has three days of these contentious hearing walk us through some of the key points here spider today because Brett Kavanaugh the nominee is not here hes finished his questioning last nights today is a day for witnesses to come forward to say yay and nay on whether it should be confirmed but youre right it has been fiery the protesters popping up like a Wacom game throughout the audience at punctuated would have been very intense hours of questioning for bread cabinet Democrat zeroing in but really not getting much ground on what his views on on civil rights on abortion on president power especially might be I he has a very polished armor of evasiveness and it and a very strong talented not talk about specific cases League didnt really get much they shipped in ground a little bit and said he not being straight with the committee that in fact and the American people that in fact as they reach into the tens of thousands of confidential documents from his days in the Bush Administration they found what they thought was a document they claim show that he believed that Supreme Court can overrule Roe versus Wade he disputed that and theyre also the cryptic questions theyve been asking him again and again has he had inappropriate conversations about the Mueller probe listening I havent had any inappropriate conversations about that investigation with anyone Ive never given anyone any hints forecast previews Winks nothing about you as a judge or how I would rule as a judge on on that or anything related to that so thats his outright denial and that means that today is really put up or shut up day for the Democrats because she was the one who really bored and on that question she said shes got very good reason for asking of it and we wait and see if she can produce a witness who will say I talked to Brett Kavanaugh about the Mueller investigation is what he said nothing yet involving New Jersey senator Cory Booker threatening to release some of these confidential emails and there is this whole back-and-forth is exchange and then in the end Republicans basically said that this was more of a show because those emails were already release what happened there in and what was Senator Booker trying to get at very frustrated by how much of the paper trail of Brett Kavanaugh through many years of public service has been kept confidential not classified but confidential for various reasons in there are various people that can claim confidentiality over certain documents of his government service but a lot of them it seems were pointlessly render secret essential and confidential and the Democrats decided that they wanted to make them public for example that that one I mentioned about abortion that was Kavanaughs comments on an email that he got when he was the White House secretary secretary under George W bush op-ed that somebody why is that not automatically Publican and it he did say something which Democrats are you suggest hes not a friend of Roe versus Wade what Cory Booker was was doing was releasing reading them before they had been cleared by the committee chairman Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa and then it came in yesterday after they had been cleared and he said Im willing to be expelled from the Senate he said someone comically I am the cast this is my I am Spartacus moment which when it turned out that in fact the document he was brandishing at that point had already been cleared any risk no expulsion from the Senate although he had red from that document late the previous night before it was cleared so I he claims he he did take a risk getting out of here a lot of Sound and Fury signifying nothing at the moment political exercise really is there is there any real chance that Kavanagh does not join the Supreme Court very little chance would because they had an opportunity to try to pay the picture of this man is unfit for the Spring Court any kind of reason and they so far it seems based on what were hearing from the Senators will decide his fate not only if they failed to pick up Republican votes which they need Democrats being in the minority but theyre on the verge of losing moderate Democrats West Virginia High Tide Camp of North Dakota have both said they seen nothing in these hearings disqualifying and Democrats try to make one final stand Terry Moran life for us thank you so much we appreciate your inside Crosstown in Washington no doubt president Trump is watching all of this in the hearings closely but there is something else that has consumed the president and much of his attention the anonymous off ad in the New York Times allegedly written by one of his bringing Karen Travers whose live at the White House and Karen president Trump was at a rally in Montana last night fuming publicly overall the New York Times on Wednesday afternoon in last night at this rally and Montana the president name of the person that wrote it is really kicking in on the angle of this hes very upset that the X allowed somebody to go and slam his administration slam his leadership but not put their name on it yesterday the president called the person that wrote this a gutless coward take a listen it is active resistance is the op-ed published in the failing New York Times by Anna namas really in an ominous Cutlass Howard president said whatever it is its horrible to him and his game of who did it there is a scramble to figure out who it is theres a lot of spec Jason Witten theres also a lot of finger-pointing and this was already a white house where people always looking behind their backs looking over their shoulder to see who might be out there with a knife and this is not going to help that feeling within the administration that is trying to flirt the presidents agenda and and do it anonymously there is a lot of talk about trying to root this person out there an investigation theres talk on the hill yesterday about lie detector test for now its not clear only does it mean that the water cooler talk is going to die down as everybody point the finger and lets figure out who it is vice president Mike Pence very much speaking to that audience of one of the president was said to be very pleased that these officials were coming out and denying it and he was taking great interest in what each one said so their tailoring those denials very specifically to appeal to the president but I think we need kind of peel this back a bit after that initial flurry on Wednesday when it was first published of who is this senior official its not likely to be a Cabinet member so it could be many many other senior officials and you we not going to seed denials from hundreds and hundreds of them to work not just at the White House these are people that could work across the administration agencies Department not necessarily right here at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue who is behind op-ed rather than the substance of op-ed and of course Bob Woodward book which is getting a lot of attention as well well have to leave that conversation for another day care in Traverse thanks so much we appreciate it in Washington Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos is expected to be sentenced today lets bring an ABCs Pierre Thomas and Pierre you been following this very closely from the beginning this is all part of his plea deal what are we Act expecting to play out in the courtroom today Pierre well George Papadopoulos is going to find out whether he is going to go to jail and I will hes going to go to prison or not his defense attorneys are saying that he deserves probation to be out not to go to prison with prosecutors have said that they dont believe that he fully cooperated and add a impeded that he and Peter investigation when they first started into the Russia probe just that help the viewers back at home George Papadopoulos is if not first one of the first people in a trump orbit the Trump campaign that had Communications what we now with what prosecutors have said is a Russian operative theres a professor who was based in London that the Papadopoulos was communicating and this professor after going to Moscow came back and told Papadopoulos that the Russians had dirt on Hillary in the form of thousands of emails and so therefore the whole question of who we told him that the FBI confronted him about this shortly after early of 2017 and he said that he didnt basically know anything about this that was a lie he was among the first to plead guilty so that so we find out if he goes to jail and Papadopoulos is is expected to speak at his sentencing hearing today do we have any idea what he might actually say if anything should happen they defense will have something to say and the judge will sometimes ask the defendant if he or she has something to say Papadopoulos as wife has been speaking a lot on his behalf in recent days but he will be in court and he will have his chance as well. Is there any way to know at this point in the Mueller investigation how much Papadopoulos has actually helped in the information that youve provided to the investigators well he provided based on a recent filing to the court by mothers team theyre not completely happy with the level of the cooperation he did give so theyre not completely happy and again one of the key questions is you know how much was go to people in Trumps orbit in the campaigns orbit of the recent documents that he could not recall telling anyone in the Trump campaign about that conversation with the professor is next for George Papadopoulos and the molar investigated investigation as we get closer to the midterm election today is hell find out if hes going to prison that will be a big moment for him investigation from continuous at speed their number different fonts looking at whether there was collusion the on-again off-again negotiations with the Mueller team in the Trump personal attorneys in terms of he will commit to a interview be written or oral or otherwise so that is all ongoing this this case is intensifying as it goes down the stretch and the White House just called on the investigation before the midterms but of course we are hearing nothing from Bob Mueller himself on that Pierre Thomas and Washington thank you so much we appreciate it we are getting a rare look inside North Korea or Martha raddatz was given special access speaking to North Koreans answering facilities as the country celebrates 70 years of existence lets take a look call hotel where all the journalist are saying a lot of delegations are here a lot of Taurus or here in fact let me go back to how we got in here we flew here from Beijing get on the airplane it was completely packed I sat next to a young man twenty-three-year-old from Australia who just wanted to come here to North Korea for the adventure of it and also to see these masks games that will be happening time this weekend there will also be a military parade at some point they have really shown us around the city its highly choreographed we do have a government minders with this at all times but they have lettuce film pretty much out the window of any vehicle where in and its usually big giant buses that were going around in the invite it about more than a hundred journalists from Europe from Australia from Canada from the United into North Korea largely to see this celebration for the 70th anniversary of the founding of this nation and that military parade Im sure is part of it as well we tore the silk Factory today where they make silk and that was in a pretty incredible sight to see all these workers take the silk out of the cocoons we also interviewed gentlemen this evening an 80 year old man who does a professor at the University here and he talked about a piece and denuclearization and said its his personal opinion we hope he hopes the United States and North Korea can eventually find peace but everyday has been an adventure here were learning all kinds of things it is the cleanest city Ive ever seen a very organized theyre not nearly as many people in the city as I thought there would this is my first trip which I think is is kind of amazing given my travels in this region and around the world but it is been an eye-opening experience and will bring you more everyday great talking to you with Martha raddatz is team a fascinating look inside North Korea shifting gears off last night with the Eagles beating the Atlanta Falcons lets bring in Domonique Foxworth with ESPN so much for joining us delay last night in the opening game but what did the defending Champions show you in their season opener that the defensive line matters they won in part because the same reason why they won most of the games last years because theyre very deep up front I was surprised to see that even more distant that defensive line and they Prevail because of that fact not necessarily because of their quarterback Nick Foles was the Superbowl MVP he didnt really play that well but I mean to be honest he never really plays all that well with the exception of those final two playoff games and they brought back that Phillies trick play so hes also receiver apparently they absolutely in Folsom how has managed to find a way to get it done when it counts Dominique Titan team that we have coming up this season they have that young coach Sean McVay was very talented off of the mind hes turned are golfing to what people thought was a bust into now a starting-caliber corner back and they went in heavy on the defense they paid stars from other teams including they brought in a team to leave at corner and Marcus Peters at the other corner is a volatile team with a lot of talented players in La I think theyre going to be fun to watch and for those of us engage in fantasy football Ive got my lineup set my two separate leagues all ready to go for this week players some new players coming back some some some rookies also players coming back from injury who are the players that you think we should watch this season I think theres a lot of really interesting find the quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars and given that were talking about all of these Ive been watching the show and theres a bunch of about Anonymous writers and people lying and deceiving Jalen Ramsey is a breath of fresh air when it comes to people being anonymous because hes not afraid hes called out just about every quarterback in the league he said Rob Gronkowski was overrated hes going in hard this whole offseason and hes need to he needs to back up this trash talk and he has a chance to do it this weekend against Tom Odell Beckham will just got paid a lot of money receiver in the league some would say hes at least top three and Jalen Ramsey has his first chance to backup all that very honest and non-anonymous he said all offseason and Odell Beckham jr. coming back from the devastating injury as well lot of people watching to see what happens with him this season another big talker also as we head into the year of the national anthem controversy and Nike in a big statement this week by making Colin Kaepernick really the face of their new campaign were showing our viewers hear this ad that aired opening nights in the NFL this already generating a lot of talk some people have been boycotting Nike shoes what do you think will happen how does this set the tone the new season gets underway unless someone else like Donald Trump call the players at Sobeys it kind of was reinvigorated when the CEO of the Texans had that comment that was racially charged about inmates and then it was reinvigorated once again when the NFL pass the rule change that that threaten to penalize players then Constance back off that rule and as long as they remain in this state of kind of empath I think that the players will back off of those demonstrations we saw last night Malcolm Jenkins did not raise his fist thats what hes been doing his safety for the for the Eagles have been very outspoken and the leader of the Players called you didnt raise a fist or the national anthem honestly think this will go away unless I press it it brings it back to life interesting happen last night opening game we saw the players on the field and they were all standing there and participating thank you so much getting that football season underway that doesnt bring us all this year on ABC News live if you want to follow that story all the stories are following you can go to or download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts I went Johnson in New York have a great
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