There’s a very high probability we’re in the end game for dollar strength, strategist says

While the dollar is set for its biggest weekly decline since March, one strategist said Friday that the dollar strength story is nearing its end. “I think theres a very high

A feeling of homelessness

Anti-NRC campaigns refuse to acknowledge that Assam’s indigenous people are losing land and economic space The strident propaganda launched by some quarters against the

We need Kavanaugh to fix a Supreme Court that ignores Congress and imposes its own will

Americans who value public debate and cherish the system of government that our founders built for us should care deeply about the future of the Supreme Court. For decades now,

Ocasio-Cortezs socialist fairytale could destroy the American Dream

While President Trump is busy making America great again, Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – who is expected to win a U.S. House seat in November in a heavily

New Imaging Technique Captures Detailed Information About Metabolism

Yale researchers have developed a new imaging technique that captures detailed information about metabolism, which plays a role in many diseases. The novel yet simple technique,

New Organ on a Chip Lets Researchers Study Effects of Drugs and Disease

The human brain is the most complex and delicate of all the body’s organs, and the one most in need of protection from toxins and other harmful substances — including those we

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