Crisis over rawhide sale to be over soon: Tofail

Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed today said the crisis over the sale of rawhide of sacrificial animals will be over soon as the government has taken steps in this regard. Talking

HMRC interest rate change is unfair

An accountancy body says it is "simply unfair" that people owing tax have seen a rise in the interest they pay, while those owed a refund will see no change. The interest charged

US Fed chair Jerome Powell backs cautious path on rates

The "consensus view" at the US Federal Reserve is that gradual interest rate rises remain the best policy, the head of the US central bank has said. Federal Reserve chair Jerome

No Saudi Aramco IPO? No problem, potentially, for Saudi Arabia’s investment dreams

The worlds largest initial public offering is on hiatus. The spending it was to enable may not be. Saudi Arabia planned to take its giant oil company, Saudi Aramco, to the public

From kayaks to fitness trackers, the latest round of China tariffs will cost US consumers more

WASHINGTON — President Trump’s trade war with China is about to hit home for many consumers. This week, the administration will impose a 10 percent tariff on another $16

US industry leader on tariffs: ‘Prices will go up, sales will go down, jobs will be lost’

U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports will simply mean that American consumers have to pay higher prices for products down the road, an industry association leader said on

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