Hydrogen Peroxide-Sensing Molecule Helps Select Effective Cancer Therapy

Hydrogen peroxide-sensing molecule reveals whether chemotherapy drugs are having their intended effects. MIT chemical engineers have developed a new sensor that lets them see

Engineers Begin Excavation on Giant Magellan Telescope Site

Beginning of excavations. A hydraulic drill being used to create excavation boundaries: more than 4,000 cubic meters of rock will be removed in preparation of the pouring of the

Engineers Develop a New Propulsion System for Nanosatellites

The scientists proposed a mixture of distilled water and ethyl alcohol as the working body of the propulsion system. Samara University. The scientists of the Inter-University

Artificial Intelligence Helps Track Mysterious Cosmic Radio Bursts

Breakthrough Listen researchers used artificial intelligence to search through radio signals recorded from a fast radio burst, capturing many more than humans could. Artificial

Unusual Pair of Asteroids Reveal Evidence for Early Planetary Shake-Up

SwRI scientist studied the binary asteroid Patroclus-Menoetius, shown in this artist’s conception, to determine that a shake-up of the giant planets likely happened early in the

Trump eyes four or five people who may be behind anonymous NYT article.

President Trump on Friday said he knows “four or five” people who could be the “senior official” behind a bombshell New York Times op-ed that has sparked an internal hunt

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