New 2018 World Cup Ball Passes Wind Tunnel Tests

Aerodynamic experts suggest that Adidas Telstar 18 should fly true and be less controversial than balls from past tournaments. (Inside Science) -- Soccer fans around the world

BRIEF: For Physical Fitness, Should You Aim to Be The Hulk or The Flash?

Research suggests that developing strength or aerobic fitness can improve long-term health. But is another method even better? (Inside Science) -- Last week, sports and exercise

The Science and Controversy Behind Horse Racing’s Most Popular Race Day Drug

Trainers have used Lasix for decades to reduce bleeding and improve performance in North American racehorses. (Inside Science) -- This Saturday, a 3-year-old colt named Justify

Soccer Referees Have Back-up in This Summer’s World Cup

Goal-line technology and a “VARification” system could reduce the number of controversial refereeing incidents during the tournament in Russia. (Inside Science) -- When

World Cup Showcases Elite Players’ Fight Against Fatigue

New research suggests that despite being tired, athletes can still sprint at top speed near the end of a long match. (Inside Science) -- Players in the World Cup dont lack for

Artificial Intelligence Uses “Self-Learning” to Make Cancer Treatment Less Toxic

Machine-learning system determines the fewest, smallest doses that could still shrink brain tumors. MIT researchers are employing novel machine-learning techniques to improve the

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