Why new MacBooks were a no-show at Apple is iPhone XS event

It just wasn’t the right time. Once again, Macs of any kind were a no-show at Apple’s latest keynote. While this pattern should almost be a given at this point, it’s no less

iOS 12 release date, news and features

New iOS 12 features are available for your iPhone and iPad. iOS 12 had its worldwide release date this week, and Apple has packed a lot of new and exciting features into this year

Assassins Creed on Switch ? Nintendo takes baby steps towards a cloud gaming service

Nintendo continues trials of cloud gaming in Japan. Assassin’s Creed running on the Nintendo Switch? One of the more surprising announcements from this week’s Nintendo Direct

Fortnite Battle Royale news, updates, and Season 5s High Stakes mode

Fortnite is now on Android and iOS, and pulling in a wider player base than ever. The latest patch brought in a number of new features, along with a highly-anticipated High Stakes

Best PS4 games 2018: 31 essential PlayStation 4 releases

All the best PS4 games, all in one place. Best PS4 Games The Sony PlayStation 4 really is one incredible console - and possible Sony’s greatest achievement to date. That’s

Job creation, fiscal stability to be hurdles

Creating enough jobs, improving investment climate and ensuring financial stability would be major challenges for Bangladesh to meet her post-LDC (least developing country)

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