Punish me as much as you want.

♦ Khaleda taken to courtroom inside jail in a wheelchair ♦ None of her counsels present in 30-min proceedings ♦ She says she is sick, "cannot come here [court] every

Court to hold Khaleda trial inside Old Dhaka jailhouse.

The government has moved to set up a special court for the trial of former prime minister Khaleda Zia inside the Old Dhaka jailhouse in the Zia Charitable Trust graft case. The

Biden and McCain is longtime friendship to be on display at memorial service

WASHINGTON — In any presidential campaign the job of a running mate is typically to play attack dog. But in the fall of 2008, it seemed that nearly every Joe Biden attack on the

What people really, really want tech to do for them – and where there is a business opportunity

From crime to finance, there are plenty of gaps waiting to be filled. Has the world hit “peak social media”? The past couple of days have seen both Facebook and Twitter losing

Global economic growth to reach fastest rate in seven years while UK economy expected to slump, says PwC forecast

PwC’s forecasts are for global growth to hit 3.7 per cent in purchasing power parity terms next year, the most rapid expansion, by this metric, since 2011. Global economic

US cancels $300 million aid to Pakistan over its inaction against terror groups

The Trump administration says Islamabad is granting safe haven to insurgents who are waging a 17-year-old war in neighboring Afghanistan, a charge Pakistan denies. The US

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