Moon is shrinking steadily: Study

The Moon is steadily shrinking, causing wrinkling on its surface and quakes, according to an analysis of imagery captured by NASA Is Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) published

CO2 levels hit historic high

Scientists in the United States have detected the highest levels of planet-warming carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere since records began, sounding new alarm over the relentless

Liza, Putul and Luipa to anchor and sing in unique TV show

‘Eker Bhitor Dui’, a unique Eid TV show featuring popular singers Sania Sultana Liza, Putul and Zinia Zafrin Luipa as singers and anchors, will be aired on NTV in upcoming

Bairstow-Roy duet powers England to easy win

For the second time in a row, in the Pakistan-England ODI series, it turned out to be a run-fest and yet again it was the home side who came out on top as they overhauled the

Scientists develop cardiac pacemaker powered by heartbeat

A research team has developed an implantable medical device that can harvest energy from heartbeats rather than batteries, according to a recent report published in the journal

Low-dose aspirin linked to bleeding in the skull, new report says

Taking low-dose aspirin to prevent heart disease and stroke is associated with an increased risk of bleeding in the skull in people without a history of those conditions,

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