Facebook trims data breach to 29 million users as FBI probes

Cyber attackers stole data from 29 million Facebook accounts using an automated program that moved from one friend to the next, Facebook Inc said on Friday, as the social media

Egg is now a Tk 115 billion market in Bangladesh

The production of egg, the most common source of protein for the poor, has increased threefold in a decade, driving the size of the market in Bangladesh to Tk 115 billion. The

IMF members pledge to avoid using currencies as trade weapon

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde (CF), Central Bank governors and finance ministers pose for a group photo at the International Monetary Fund - World Bank Group Annual

Grenade attack verdict proves BNP is a terrorist party

The Aug 21 grenade attack verdict sentencing former state minister for home Lutfozzaman Babar to death and BNP leader Tarique Rahman to life in prison has proved that it is a

Rescuers comb rubble of Florida beach communities for hurricane survivors

Rescuers will pick through the rubble of ravaged beach communities searching for survivors on Friday after Michael, one of the most powerful hurricanes in US history, slammed into

US puts new restrictions on nuclear technology exports to China

The Trump administration announced Thursday that it would sharply restrict exports of civilian nuclear technology to China that officials claimed was being diverted to power new

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