‘Business empire’ of Myanmar army fuels atrocities: UN probe

Tougher sanctions are needed against Myanmar Is wealthy and powerful military as its web of economic interests has generated a fortune that helps fund atrocities, UN investigators

Aedes density up 13 times in 4 months

The density of the dengue-carrying Aedes mosquito in Dhaka has increased 13 times compared to what it was before the rainy season within a span of just four months, said sources

Dengue kills five more

Five more people, including the pregnant wife of a meteorologist, died of dengue as the mosquito-borne disease sent at least 2,065 people to hospitals across the country

India abolishes Kashmir’s special autonomy

The Indian government yesterday stripped Kashmir of the special autonomy it has had for seven decades, prompting a furious response from nuclear-armed rival Pakistan and raising

Uganda begins largest trial of experimental Ebola vaccine

Researchers in Uganda have launched the largest-ever trial of the experimental Ebola vaccine that is expected to be deployed in neighboring Congo, where a deadly outbreak has

Mir Sabbir back in modelling

Coming out from his routine life completely dedicated to acting and directorial ventures, versatile actor-director Mir Sabbir has recently worked as a model in a television

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