How the midterm elections could sway Trump’s foreign policy

I’ve been a witness to the way the world processes American political dialogue. As a young speechwriter, I was puzzled when my boss erased an applause line that could have been

Amazon plans to split second headquarters in two cities Inc is planning to split its second headquarters evenly between two cities, people familiar with the matter said Monday, in a twist to a more than year-long contest

Spanking is ineffective and harmful to children, paediatricians’ group says

Parents should not spank their children, the American Academy of Pediatrics said Monday in its most strongly worded policy statement warning against the harmful effects of

Dr Kamal asks people ‘who own Bangladesh’ to rise up

Dr Kamal Hossain has urged the people to stand firm against wrongdoings as he believes what is happening in Bangladesh cannot be accepted. “This country does not belong to any

Technocrat ministers resign on Hasina’s orders ahead of election

All four technocrat ministers have resigned following Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s orders as part of the process to reconstitute the cabinet ahead of the general elections.

Facebook sees Myanmar, Cameroon as priority areas to check falsehoods

A video link posted on Facebook on June 20 showed a man cooking human body parts in a pot over a wood fire. In Cameroon, the footage went viral. Some Facebook users said the man

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