Afghanistan is the world’s polio capital, these Afghans hope to fix that

Almost 1 million children in Kandahar province alone need at least one dose of oral polio vaccine a month to head off the disease, health workers say. But many of them also live

PM Hasina welcomes opposition parties to electionPM Hasina welcomes opposition parties to election

Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina has welcomed the Jatiya Oikya Front’s announcement that it will participate in the upcoming national election. Hasina

BNP-led alliance joins the race to parliament

An influential 20-party alliance led by the BNP has announced that it will jointly compete in the looming nationwide election. LDP President and alliance leader Oli Ahmed made

Opposition parties return to polls after years in wilderness

Fresh winds have begun blowing from the opposition camp. In a major breakthrough, the BNP and its allies have decided to join the race to parliament, capping five years in the

Baby boom for some nations, bust for others

Soaring birth rates in developing nations are fuelling a global baby boom while women in dozens of richer countries aren’t producing enough children to maintain population

Happiness on wheels: China is deliverymen

Deftly weaving through peak-hour Beijing traffic on a three-wheeled bike, Nan Shan has no time to chat as he races to deliver nearly 80 packages across China's sprawling

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