French police fire tear gas at fuel price protesters

Police fired tear gas and used water cannon to disperse protesters in Paris who are angry over rising fuel costs and President Emmanuel Macron is economic policies, the second

Hasina listens to youth aspirations about nation, speaks to them about future plans

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has interacted with a diverse group of youths and listened to their dreams, hopes and aspirations for a prosperous Bangladesh free from corruption,

Ruling coalition dismisses Oikya Front allegations, files complaints about BNP at EC

The ruling 14-Party coalition led by the Awami League has complained about their rivals a day after the BNP and its Jatiya Oikya Front alliance lodged similar complaints at the

Eleven parties want boat logo, as many other paddy sheaf to lure votes

As polarisation has peaked ahead of the election centring the two main camps led by the Awami League and the BNP, electoral logos of both have drawn an equal number of registered

Oikya Front wants 92 officials be withdrawn from election duty

Jatiya Oikya Front on Thursday demanded the withdrawal of more 92 higher public and police officials from election duty before the upcoming 11th parliamentary polls, reports

NASA spacecraft days away from risky Mars landing

This illustration made available by NASA in 2018 shows the InSight lander drilling into the surface of Mars. InSight, short for Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations,

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