Paramilitary forces deployed amid spate of attacks across Bangladesh

Paramilitary forces have been dispatched across Bangladesh in purview of a spate of attacks upon opposition activists ahead of the national election.

PM pledges to introduce 5G services in 2021-23

Awami League (AL) President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today (Tuesday) pledges to introduce 5G services in 2021-23, a fastest mobile telecommunication services than 4G, if

Eight people were killed Mumbai hospital

At least eight people were killed when a major fire broke out at a Mumbai hospital on Monday, disaster management officials said.Over 140 people have been rescued so far.

BNP chairperson is blocked from competing 11th parliamentary elections

As a result the BNP chairperson is blocked from competing in the 11th parliamentary elections, state lawyers said.

1016 platoons army 961 platoons BGB deployed across the country

A total of 1,016 platoons of army and 961 platoons of paramilitary Border Guard Bangladesh were deployed across the country on Tuesday ahead of the 11th general election slated

Was Mahatma Gandhi racist

A statue of Mahatma Gandhi was recently removed from the campus of University of Ghana in Accra. The statue had been unveiled in the campus two years back by then president Pranab

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