Intrinsic Pink-Noise Provides Better View of Climate Change.

A new study says pink noise may be the key to separating out natural climate variability from climate change that is influenced by human activity. Not familiar with pink noise?

Scientists Develop a New Way to Turn Sunlight Into Fuel.

Experimental two-electrode setup showing the photoelectrochemical cell illuminated with simulated solar light. The quest to find new ways to harness solar power has taken a step

Paleontologists Discover a New Species of Lobopodian

Thanahita distos gen. et sp. nov., virtual reconstructions (a,e–p) and specimen in the rock (b–d), OUMNH C.29699. (a,e,f,h,j,m) Whole specimen; dorsal, right lateral, frontal,

Archaeologists Shed New Light on the People Who Built Stonehenge

Despite over a century of intense study, we still know very little about the people buried at Stonehenge or how they came to be there. Now, a new University of Oxford research

Machine-Learning Models Capture Subtle Variations in Facial Expressions

MIT Media Lab researchers have developed a machine-learning model that takes computers a step closer to interpreting our emotions as naturally as humans do. The model better

Sylhetis, Assamese, Bongal Kheda, and the rolling thunder in the east.

In these Trumpian times, the northeast of the South Asian subcontinent does not grab headlines. Nothing of significance usually happens there to warrant that. Particularly when

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