Nasa, China collaborate on Moon exploration

The space agencies of the United States and China are coordinating efforts on Moon exploration, Nasa said on Friday (Jan 18), as it navigates a strict legal framework aimed at

Bangladesh mulls importing hydropower from Nepal

Bangladesh has emphasised Hydropower import from Nepal establishing connectivity and increasing economic and trade relations between the two countries.

Ershad to fly for treatment Sunday

Jatiya Party Chairman and Leader of the Opposition in Parliament HM Ershad is again going to Singapore on Sunday for medical checkup. Ershad along with his younger brother

FIFA task force discusses $25BN competitions deal in Morocco

FIFA is task force studying options to revamp the Club World Cup and create a global Nations League in a joint $25 billion deal got together on Friday in Morocco, and will meet

Raw turmeric for winters

Why one should replace the Haldi Powder with raw turmeric this winter. Turmeric is one South Asian spice that has taken the world of food and health by the storm with its

Yoga for back pain relief

Nearly everyone will experience some form of back pain in his or her lifetime. The low back is the area behind the belly from the rib cage to the pelvis and is also called the

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