Tigers not wary of India’s bowling

Bangladesh players looked upbeat to overcome the India’s bowling, which proved to be versatile and more potent than any bowling line up in this World Cup.

US, China agree to restart trade talks

The United States and China have agreed to resume trade negotiations, easing a protracted row that has fuelled a global economic slowdown. US President Donald Trump and Chinese

Boeing’s Dreamliner plant is said to face federal inquiry

The US Justice Department, which has been looking into problems with Boeing is 737 Max jet, has broadened its investigation to include the production of the company is 787

Katrina expresses desire to work on English film

Bollywood star, Katrina Kaif, who has made it to the big leagues in Bollywood, has now set her sights on international projects, it has been reported.

India’s water crisis could put hundreds of millions of lives in danger

The world is second-most populous country is running out of water. About 100 million people across India are on the front lines of a nationwide water crisis. A total of 21 major

Too much cleanliness not bad for health, report on hygiene says

The notion that too much cleanliness can be bad for your health and that children need to be exposed to germs is a dangerous myth, according to a public health body.

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