Modi recounts self-discovery solo jungle trips

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has claimed he used to spend days ‘reflecting’ alone in the jungle, in a new interview seeking to burnish his religious credentials as

Bishwa Ijtema in February

The two bickering groups of Tabligh Jamaat have reached an agreement to hold the Bishwa Ijtema in February.

‘The Heart of Europe’ to rise off Dubai coastline

Four kilometers off the Dubai coastline lies Europe. Or a version of it, at least. Comprising six man-made islands styled after a mix of European countries and cities, when

Field-level workers push for reshuffle in BNP leadership

The field-level workers of the major Opposition party, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), are seeking a major reshuffle in the party leadership as they see inadequate

HC ‘ashamed’ over Tabligh Jamaat split

The High Court (HC) yesterday said it felt ashamed over the division of Tabligh Jamaat into two factions for establishing control over the Ijtema Maidan on the bank of the Turag

Rohingya plight peaks

31 stranded along border shown arrested in India. Uncertainty looms large over the fate of many Rohingya Muslims in Saudi Arabia and India with the two countries deporting them.

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