Advertising Manikarnika movie review: Kangana Ranaut owns the period drama

Manikarnika movie review: What keeps us with Manikarnika is Rani Ranaut, who in her best moments, owns her part, the narrative, and the screen.

Shiv Sena plays hardball in alliance talks with BJP, says it is the big brother

The party has said that it will not accept just any seat-sharing proposal that comes its way from the BJP for the election.

Strike Back Season 6 Aims To Explore The Personal Conflicts Of Its Characters

Fans of Cinemax’s Strike Back likely tune in for the series’ relentless pace and fiery action sequences, but despite its well-earned identity as an action-lover’s dream, the

Ockam SDK taps blockchain-based identity services for IoT

Ockam SDK allows developers to link IoT devices to the company’s public blockchain network for identity and trust services.

Linux Foundation backs a group to boost edge networking

A new group called LF Edge is pushing for an open unified framework that will promote plug-and-play interoperability, cloud provisioning, other streamlining to improve edge

Ursnif Trojan is back with fileless persistence

Also known as Dreambot, this new variant can deploy GandCrab ransomware through Microsoft Word macros. Researchers warn about a new wave of attacks with an information-stealing

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