Artist plays guitar during brain surgery

South African jazz artist Musa Manzini has played his music all over the world, but one performance stands out - strumming his guitar while surgeons operated on his brain

Perfidious Albion gets its comeuppance

With Great Britain no longer playing the role of the American deep state’s Trojan Horse, Europe will increasingly turn from a dying Atlantic Alliance toward a rising Eurasian

The Euro establishment fear of populism

French protesters are furious with EU champion Emmanuel Macron while Rome battles Brussels over its budget

Five injured as BCL swoops on quota protesters

Activists of Awami League’s student front Bangladesh Chhatra League on Sunday swooped on the quota protesters at Dhaka University’s Teachers Student Centre minutes before

Ban on motor vehicles election day

Authorities have imposed a general bar on all types of motor vehicles on election day, with special emphasis on motorcycles.

BNP candidates attacked in Dhaka, Chattogram

Bangladesh Nationalist Party’s candidate for Dhaka 9 Afroja Abbas and for Chattogram 2 Azim Ullah Bahar came under while electioneering at Maniknagar of Dhaka and Fatikchari of

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