Row over Arrest of Huawei CFO: China summons US ambassador

China yesterday summoned the US ambassador to protest the "extremely bad" arrest of telecom giant Huawei's chief financial officer in Canada and demand that the United States drop

Macron prepares response to 'yellow vest' protesters as Paris cleans up

French President Emmanuel Macron will address the country on Monday as he seeks to placate "yellow vest" anti-government protesters who wreaked havoc in Paris this weekend.On

Strong banks will stand to gain from NBFC crisiss

After the recent troubles, it is important to be selective in the NBFC space and focus on businesses that have a genuine competitive advantage, Harshad Patwardhan CIO,Equity,

First ever Bangladesh Portugal foreign office consultations held

The first-ever bilateral political consultation between Bangladesh and Portugal has been held in Lisbon, the foreign ministry says.Secretary, Bilateral and Consular, to the

Yellow vest protests economic catastrophe for France

The yellow vest protests have been a catastrophe for the French economy the finance minister says.France has seen four consecutive weekends of demonstrations against fuel tax

Slow recycler Turkey seeks better uses for its trash

Turkish woman Tulay Gercek stands in front of a vending machine at a busy Istanbul metro station but instead of putting coins into a slot she crams plastic bottles into a

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