Canadian envoy sacking shows political interference: Chinese media

Chinese state-run media on Monday decried the sacking of Canada is ambassador to Beijing, who was fired after he suggested that it would be ‘great’ for Ottawa to release a

Britain seeks greater control of Brexit

After British MPs rejected prime minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal, they will vote Tuesday on what they want her to do next. The House of Commons voted on January 15 to reject

3rd International Weavers Fest February 1

The 3rd International Weavers Festival, featuring traditional handloom products, will be held on February 1 at Banani Rajuk Field in the capital. The event will feature handloom

BRB eyes another SoE board buying 27pc Renwick shares

After securing four posts of director in the board of state-owned enterprise Eastern Cables, leading private sector cable manufacturer BRB Group has set eyes on another state-run

Pakistan at crossroads

WE HAVE already used the term ‘crossroads’ when we discussed new trends in Japan’s foreign policy. These changes stem from an ongoing process of radical transformation that

Afghanistan: America’s shameful war

Washington, which has done as much as the former Soviet invaders to ravage Afghanistan, has no clear idea what to do next. Trump announced withdrawal of some of the 14,000 US

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