Bombing at open-air market kills 16 in Pakistan

At least 16 people were killed and over two dozen others injured in a blast that targeted members of the Hazara community at Quetta's Hazarganji market in Pakistan on Friday

Caesarian deliveries in childbirth incur huge cost in Bangladesh: study

Caesarian deliveries incur huge cost in childbirth in the country, says a recent icddr,b study, revealing that C- section deliveries took an average US$ 250 out-of-pocket (OOP)

Uber reveals strong growth, huge losses ahead of IPO

Uber is providing a look under the hood of its business in the lead-up to its hotly anticipated debut on the stock market, revealing strong growth but an ongoing struggle to

WikiLeaks set 21st century model for cyber-leak journalism

Using cryptography and virtual drop boxes, Julian Assange's WikiLeaks created a revolutionary new model for media to lure massive digitized leaks from whistleblowers, exposing

Jet Airways cancels international flights as crisis deepens

Jet Airways appears to have suspended all its international flights, raising fresh fears about the Indian airline's survival. This comes after the carrier on Thursday grounded 10

Israel's spacecraft crashes on Moon

The first privately funded mission to the Moon has crashed on the lunar surface after the apparent failure of its main engine. The Israeli spacecraft - called Beresheet -

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