Millions in Dhaka at risk of fires, earthquakes: Experts

The violation of building codes and defiance of safety issues during construction of high-rises have exposed around 18 million people in and around the capital to fires and

Marriage rate declines to fresh low in China

China's birthrate has been on a decline over the past few years, and now the number of people tying the proverbial knot is also heading lower.

Cancer-causing chemical found in J&J shampoo

Consumer healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson has run into fresh trouble, with drug controllers in Rajasthan finding a cancer-causing substance in its 'No More Tears' baby shampoo,

For women, drinking a bottle of wine is like smoking 10 cigarettes

When you don’t smoke, it’s easy to feel a little smug about your health. Who cares if you had McDonald’s for dinner three times this week – at least you’re not puffing

Scientists to take 1.5m-year-old ice samples for climate research

Scientists are planning to extract ice samples from more than 1.5m years ago in a bid to discover more about our ancient climate – and hopefully learn more about our future

4 killed in Buriganga trawler capsizes

Four people, including a woman and her son, died in separate incidents of boat capsize in Buriganga river during Sunday night’s storm. Two young men died as a trawler capsized

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