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Two female suspects have surrendered to law enforcers at the Nilufa Villa building in Narsingdi’s Madhabdi bringing the standoff to an end, according to police officers at the scene. The 41-hour operation came to an end on Wednesday without bloodshed. The two women, clad in black burkas, were escorted by law enforcers to a special ambulance around 2:45pm. They were also wearing helmets at the time. - A home for your website

A police official at the scene told that law enforcers had brought down a wall on the fifth floor of the building and entered the flat. The two women then agreed to surrender.

Police Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit (CTTC) chief Monirul Islam told the media around 11:45am that the suspected militants would be asked to surrender before the final raid begin.

The SWAT raid would only commence if they did not surrender, he had said.

On Tuesday two people, one man and one woman, were killed during a SWAT operation at five-storey building in Meherpara Unions Bhagirathpur by the Dhaka-Sylhet Highway, about two kilometres away from Nilufa Villa.

Police personnel from the CTTC and the Lawful Interception Cell (LIC) surrounded the two buildings at 9pm on Monday night.

The MO indicates that the dead were members of the Neo-JMB, CTTC chief Monirul said after the raid in Bhagirathpur on Tuesday.

“They had prepared four explosives there,” he said. “This indicates they were planning a large attack.”

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