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Theatre troupe Prachyanat paid tribute to recently demised freedom fighters and cultural activists Anwar Hossain, Saidul Anam Tutul, Amjad Hossain and Taramon Bibi, who died this month, through a music and theatre show on Saturday at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy.

The troupe held a musical improvisation titled ‘Khancha Bhangar Gaan’ at National Theatre Hall Lobby and staged its anti-communalism play Circus Circus at Experimental Theatre Hall of BSA. Khancha Bhangar Gaan focused the necessity of breaking free from any and every cage that holds the free sway of the humans through songs, dialogues and dance. It spoke of the oppression done in the lofty names of state, law, development, nationalism and religion. The musical improvisation appeared to be a befitting tribute to the freedom fighters and cultural activists who risked their lives and struggled against odds dreaming of a free society. Following was a show of Circus Circus. Written and directed by Azad Abul Kalam, the play illustrates cultural oppression in the name of religion in post-liberation war Bangladesh. The play revolves around a widely popular rural circus troupe named The Great Bengal Circus and how it suffers the wrath of religious fanatics and bigots. Circus Circus begins with the heyday of the troupe, run by its owner Laxman Das. After Laxman’s death, his brother Shadhon Das takes charge of the troupe and manages to retain the prestige and fame of the troupe in the post-liberation war Bangladesh. But the troupe’s dreams are crushed once it finds itself facing the wrath of religious fanatics who burn down the troupe’s temporary huts killing three of its members.