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BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir today alleged the Election Commission (EC) and the police administration have jointly created an unbelievable situation in a bid to destroy the country’s democracy. - A home for your website

We are noticing that the EC and police administration have formed an alliance and destroyed the election atmosphere. We are worried over their role,” Fakhrul said.

Fakhrul came up with the allegation while addressing a press conference at BNP Chief Khaleda Zia s Gulshan office in the capital this morning.

The upcoming general election has already been turned into a farce and joke due to the partisan role of the EC and the law enforcement agencies.

Citing the High Court verdict on scrapping candidatures of “Sheaf of Paddy”, electoral symbol of BNP, Fakhrul said, “Awami League is rejecting candidatures of our leaders deliberately using the state organs Claiming that a total of 154 Awami League leaders became lawmakers unopposed in the January 5, 2014 election, Fakhrul said the ruling quarter is being failed to do so this time and thus it rejecting BNP candidates using the state organs.

He said 15 candidates contesting with “Sheaf of Paddy” have been kept in jail while fates of 25 candidates are still pending with the court.

Fakhrul said the members of different law enforcement agencies has taken an anti-BNP stance ahead of the election are engaged in putting barricades on the way of carrying out electioneering of the party men.