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Welcoming the decision of armed forces deployment ahead of the December 30 elections, Jatiya Oikyafront leader Dr Kamal Hossain today expressed his hope that the deployment would create a congenial electoral environment. - A home for your website

In a letter signed by Dr Kamal Hossain, where he was designated as the convener of the alliance for the first time, he said, “We hope that this deployment will create a congenial working environment which was not existing before.”

“However, we hope that the armed forces will not stand against the interest of the people or seek to implement the agenda of an individual or a group of people,” the letter read.

Oikyafront, the newly formed alliance, also expressed hope that the armed forces would not tarnish their image by working for any individual.

“Armed forces must create a level field for all parties and play a positive role,” the letter said.