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Defensive Paul claims that hes only shown Aaron support and certainly didnt know he was injured. David worries that Aaron hasnt learned from his mistakes – hes still keeping secrets, just like he did with Rory. Devastated Aaron worries hes jeopardised the wedding. - A home for your website

After a conversation with Mark, David finally accepts that Paul is the one at fault and that he needs to be on Aarons side. David tells Paul that he no longer wants his dad to walk him down the aisle.

Meanwhile, Mishti prepares for her blind date with Pavan, who she met on the arranged marriage website. Mishti arrives at the pre-arranged spot and finds a man on his knees, holding a ring box. Initially horrified, Mishti soon realises its a joke and the two continue to laugh and bond, swapping personal stories for the rest of their date.

Elsewhere, Toadie and Sonya are excited to commemorate their new family with the photoshoot voucher Mark gave them, but their zany family dynamic fails to impress the high-brow photographer.