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Neighbours couple Sonya and Toadie Rebecchi face more marriage problems next week, as they try to come to terms with the recent big changes in their lives. The Rebecchis have just agreed to take on the full-time care of Hugo, the baby that Toadie fathered with Andrea Somers – aka Fake Dee Bliss – last year. - A home for your website

Although the pair have now vowed to end all contact with Andrea for the sake of their relationship, upcoming episodes see the fallout continue as Sonya starts to feel cut off from Hugo.

Things are looking a little brighter when Sonya (Eve Morey) and Toadie (Ryan Moloney) finally secure Hugo a place in childcare, giving them some breathing space as they juggle their various responsibilities.
However, when Sonya later goes to collect Hugo after his first day, shes shocked to find that shes not allowed access as Toadie has forgotten to put her name on the approved pick-up list.

Toadies careless mistake knocks Sonya for six, as she becomes emotional and questions her role in Hugos upbringing.

Feeling terrible, Toadie tries to make amends by suggesting that a naming day for Hugo could bring them all together again.
Toadie reckons that the occasion is the perfect chance to announce themselves to the world as a proper family, but Sonya remains torn over whether its really a good idea.

After some wise encouragement from Susan Kennedy, will Sonya finally be ready to move on from her self-doubt and accept her role in Hugos life?