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Neighbours has revealed a first look at the moment that Mark Brennan and Elly Conway finally get their act together and become a couple. The pair have been dancing around the possibility for weeks now, but every time it seems like they may be on track, something seems to get in the way. - A home for your website

Next week, Mark (Scott McGregor) finally loses patience with the situation and tells Elly that its time to make up her mind.

Elly (Jodi Anasta) has previously told Mark that she cant think about a relationship until things are more settled with her sister Bea Nilsson, but that excuse starts to wear thin when its clear that Bea is fine.
As Bea draws comfort from a new connection with Ned Willis, she starts being more warm and open towards those around her – even asking for help with her dyslexia for the first time.

Elly is thrilled with the mysterious change in her sister, but shes wrong-footed when Mark seizes on this – telling her that if shes not ready for a romance with him now, she never will be.

With the potential couple at a crossroads, Bea and Xanthe Canning intervene by hatching a thoughtful match-making plan.
Presenting Mark and Elly with a suitcase each, Bea and Xanthe encourage them to literally write down their baggage and pack it away so they have no excuses afterwards.

Although slightly sheepish about this novel approach, Mark and Elly open up about the past problems that have them fearful about moving forward, before finally deciding to make a go of things.

Is there a happy future ahead for Mark and Elly as they take a leap into the unknown?