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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has warned of a “plot by the BNP” that aims to break the spirit of police force by killing top officers before the election. - A home for your website

The warning comes on the heel of allegations raised by her rivals the BNP s Jatiya Oikya Front alliance that the ruling Awami League is using police to tame the opposition.

Oikya Front chief Dr Kamal Hossain has also threatened to try those in the government who are ordering police harassments of the opposition leaders and activists.Hasina sounded the warning when 88 top former police officers met her at the Ganabhaban in Dhaka on Thursday to throw their support behind the Awami League in the Dec 30 election.
“The criminal in London (BNP acting chief Tarique Rahman) have sent two plans. The first plan is to control the police officers by bribing them. And the second is to kill them in order to demoralise them,” Hasina said.She recalled the deadly attacks on police during the violent boycott of the last general election in 2014 by the BNP and deaths of people in firebombings of buses during months of protests after the first anniversary of that election.
Terming the violence “unimaginably heinous acts”, she added, “I still hear that killing some top police officers will be their (BNP) main target ahead of the election.”

The Awami League chief believes police are “so skilled now that they will foil such conspiraciesIt would not be possible for her government “to suppress terrorism, militancy, drugs abuse and corruption if police had not done their duties sincerely”.
She claimed police have gained confidence of the people. “We have achieved the capability to tackle any sort of crisis now. And the people are also much more conscious now,” she said.

Hasina also said it has become easier than before to gather information after the formation of a national committee to coordinate the intelligence agencies.