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Several small plastics factories and warehouses have been burnt in a fire at the capital’s Lalbagh. - A home for your website

The blaze started at a factory located in Islambagh s Baganbari area around 12:40pm on Thursday. Fire-fighters rushed to the scene after receiving the news of the fire.

Nine fire-fighting units were working to douse the fire, Fire Service Control Room operator Farid Uddin told

The residents of the area said the Fire Service managed to bring the fire under control after trying for almost two hours. By that time, 16 small factories and around 20 warehouses were already burnt to ashes.

But the Fire Service could not state the cause of the fire.

“Some are saying the fire originated from a machine, others are saying that it spread from a stove during cooking,” said Deputy Assistant Director Salehuddin.

The densely populated area has several houses adjacent to the factory where the fire originated. The majority of the houses have factories and warehouses located downstairs with people living upstairs in tin-roofed rooms.

About 14 houses have been burnt in the fire, said Nazrul Islam, a local resident.

Fire-fighters had struggled to bring the fire under control in the densely populated area. Salehuddin said: “The area is overpopulated. Fire-fighting vehicles had to be parked far away and the water was brought in through pipes to douse the fire.”