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Movement of different road transports including all public transports and cars will be banned for 24 hours across the country from tonight (midnight Saturday) to facilitate casting of votes in the 11th parliamentary elections. - A home for your website

The ban will be imposed on auto-rickshaw, easy bike, taxi cab, microbus, jeep, pick-up, car, bus, truck, tempo and different motorised vehicles on local level.
Similar ban has already come into effect on movement of motorcycles since early hours of today (12:00am Saturday) which would be in force till midnight of January 1.
Earlier on Thursday, the Election Commission withdrew ban on the use of motorbikes by journalists during election coverage on December 30 general elections.
To facilitate the election, on December 23 the Road Transport and Highways Division issued a circular banning movement of almost all road transports for 24 hours starting from midnight today.
The ban will be relaxed for candidates, their polling agents, local and foreign observers with the permission of returning officers.
The ban will not be effective for officials and employees engaged in election duties, members of law enforcing agencies, legal observers of the elections and vehicles engaged in emergency services including ambulances, fire service, electricity, gas, post and telecommunications.
Additionally, the authorities would have power to relax the ban on national highways, ports involving emergency supply of goods and other special cases.
Earlier on December 22 the commission issued a guideline for journalists to cover elections banning motorcycles on the polling day.
The commission backtracked on its decision amid criticism from different quarters including Editors Council.
On Friday the number of public transports and cars were fewer on the streets of the capital.
A huge number of people were seen leaving the city by overcrowded trains, launches and buses to cast their votes at ancestral homes.