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Election Commissioner Mahbub Talukder today protested the chief election commissioner’s comment that Mahbub had “falsely claimed there is no level playing field” in the country. - A home for your website

He said KM Nurul Huda s comment hurt him as an election commissioner.

“By claiming that I had made false statement on the level playing field, the CEC has hurt the entity of an election commissioner,” Mahbub Talukder said in his statement at the Election Commission office.

And the chief election commissioner has to remember that the CEC and all ECs are equal, he added.

"The CEC has previously made derogatory remarks about me, which I have never protested. But I cannot but help protest this allegation that I have lied about the level playing field in the election," he added in the statement.In response to questions by the journalists on December 17, I had said that the journalists can answer this themselves by asking their own conscience. And I would like to state the same again,” Mahbub Talukder further added.


The Chief Election Commissioner KM Nurul Huda on December 18 said his colleague Mahbub Talukdar did not speak the truth about atmosphere ahead of the December 30 national election.

Talking to journalists on December 17, Election Commissioner Mahbub Talukdar said level playing field was still absent and the words -- level playing field -- had become meaningless.

Expressing disagreement with Mahbub, the CEC in Rangamati on December 18 said, “Mahbub Talukdar did not speak the truth. The overall election atmosphere is good.