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Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader says that the BNP has gone whining to the UN in an effort to return to power because it has lost people’s support. The road transport and bridges minister made the remarks during the inaugural programme of the Awami League’s Science and Technology Sub-Committee website at the Institution of Engineers in Dhaka’s Ramna on Saturday. “When a party bankrupts itself to such a level that it is debasing the country, it shows it has lost the support of the people and is whining to UN.” - A home for your website

“Today the BNP has become such a useless party that it complains to foreigners at every little thing. And they continue whining to the populace. If their complaints are valid then the people will vote for them instead of us.”

Quader said that if Bangladeshs people do not vote for them, no foreign power will be able to restore the BNP to power.

“As our leader has said, we will stay in power if the people vote for us. The Awami League has no interest in retaining power by force.”

Quader spoke about the governments development work.

“The BNP does not take any pride in our countrys achievements. Sheikh Hasina dreams of the next generation, while the BNP only dreams of the next election.”

“They do not understand anything aside from power. The BNP and its supporters only engage in power-hungry politics.”

Quader also discussed the problems associated with Facebook.

“Anyone who thinks the problems will disappear if Facebook is shut down is wrong,” Quader said. “It has good aspects and bad aspects. We must mitigate the bad. We must make and distribute information.”

“We have been unable to properly curb the propaganda by the opponents of the Liberation War during the two recent protest movements [the quota reform and road safety protests]. We have not been able to counter these cyber-attacks. It is from this experience that we have taken the initiative to form this sub-committee, so that it can monitor the situation and fill any gaps.”