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The BNP has nothing else to do, but to make allegations after failing to spark a movement and losing the national election, said Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader. - A home for your website

Quader made the comments at a press conference on Saturday on the BNP secretary general’s visit to the US ambassador after the 11th parliamentary election.

“What else can they do now other than complaining to foreigners? They were unable to develop a movement in ten years. They have contested the national election and we thank them for that. But even in the election they have failed badly. They have failed to start a movement, failed to win the election, what else can they resort to now?” said Quader.

“They have said many things the general people, and now they are complaining to foreigners. This is a return to their old habits. What can we say about this situation?” added Quader.

The Jatiya Oikya Front, in which the BNP was the largest party, has rejected the results of the Dec 30 election, making allegations of vote rigging.

“Mirza Fakhrul’s words are the incomprehensible blabber of a politician who has failed to spark a movement and win an election,” said Quader.

Claiming that the current Awami League administration is more united than any time in the past, Quader said, "Let me give an example. Just look at Hatia. The place is ridden with organisational problems. We tried repeatedly to unite the leaders, but could not do so. But this time they were firmly united. Everybody was on the same stage. They have remained united even after the election.

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