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When we first laid eyes on iBuypowers Snowblind project, we were blown away. It was such a simple concept: take a transparent LCD and replace a side panel with it. Despite its simplicity, iBuypower did a fantastic job showing off its functionality and beauty by playing videos and using Rainmeter widgets. - A home for your website

The display connects to your graphics card via DVI and essentially functions as a second monitor. This means you could do anything on it, including gaming, but it isnt recommended.

iBuypowers Snowblind can be configured from as low as $1680, but the prebuilt version were recommending is a great place to start. With an unlocked i7-8700K, GTX 1070 Ti and 16GB of ram, its already great enough for all modern games and then some. Its also very easily upgradable, meaning you can take that fancy transparent LCD well into the future.

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