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Law Minister Anisul Huq on Sunday said, Bangladesh is continuing its discussion with the United States to bring back one of the Bangabandhu's killers, Rashed Chowdhury, from that country and the US remains positive to support Bangladesh legally. - A home for your website

"We have a very good relationship with the US. We are discussing with them to bring the killer back" he said while speaking at a programme adding that the current US leaders are providing enough support to bring him back to Bangladesh legally.

One of the convicted killers of Bangabandhu, Rashed Chowdhury is a fugitive and residing in the United States.

Earlier on August 14, law minister had said Rashed Chowdhury would be brought back home if Awami League returns to power through the upcoming general election.

Todays programme was organized by 21 August Bangladesh, a central organization of the families of those, who were killed and injured in the grenade attack of August 21, 2004, demanding execution of the verdict of Bangabandhu killing through bringing back the killers in the country and to ensure faster judgment of the grenade attack.

While speaking as the chief guest, Anisul Huq also said, bringing another convict Noor Chowdhury, who is staying in Canada, back to country is facing some legal complication as Canada, which has cancelled death penalty in the country, doesnt return any convict to the country where one may get executed.

The effort of bringing Noor back is still on, he added.

Referring to the judicial process going on for the grenade attack, the law minister expressed his hope that the verdict may come by September as the last defence argument of the case with former state minister for home Lutfozzaman Babar, one of the accused of the case might end soon.

Speaking at the same programme, Food Minister Qamrul Islam said, the anti-liberation forces are again hatching conspiracies knowing that they will not come to the power in the election.

Presiding over the programme, former Dhaka University Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr AAMS Arefin Siddique, also the Chairman of the organization 21 August Bangladesh, urged for quicker judgment and exemplary punishment of the Bangabandhu killers and the attackers of the August 21 grenade attack to ensure the rule of law.

Among others, General Secretary of National Press Club Farida Yasmin and some injured Awami League activists also spoke in the programme.UNB.

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