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A woman in Gazipur has confessed to the killing of her husband. Police said the woman named Jibonnahar was enraged in an altercation with her husband after he demanded a share of her monthly wage, Gazipur Superintendent of Police Shamsunnahar told reporters in a media briefing at her office on Saturday. - A home for your website

During the primary interrogation, Jibonnahar confessed to police that she killed her husband, and hid the body in her wardrobe on Thursday morning. Later she left the home and cut off the body into six pieces after returning from work.

Police had recovered the mutilated body of 35-year-old Rafikul Islam from Gilar Chala area in Sreepur Municipality in Gazipur on Friday. They detained Jibonnahar soon after recovering the body.

“Rafikul and Jibonnahar had been living in a rented house owned by Abdul Hai at Gilar Chala area,” said SP Shamsunnahar. “Rafikul worked at a textile factory named ’How Are You’ while Jibonnahar used to work as a sewing machine operator at the Meghna Knit Composite Factory.”

“Rafikul often argued with his wife as she gave her salary to her mother, without sharing it with him. The salaries of Rafikul and Jibonnahar were Tk 7,000 and Tk 13,000 respectively.”

“Following the altercation, Rafikul assaulted his wife physically on Thursday. Jibonnahar first struck her husband on the head with a stone to take revenge. Later, she strangled him to death with a piece of cloth.”

Jibonnahar hid the body in her wardrobe and went out to work. After eating dinner at her neighbour’s house, she returned home and cut off his arms, legs and head into six pieces around 11pm. Later, she dumped the body parts in various places after putting them in sacks.

Jibonnahar told reporters that she was abused by her husband.

Jibonnahar and Rafikul have a four-year-old daughter named Maria Akter Roja, who usually lived with Jinonnahar’s parents. She was not present at the house during the incident.

Rafikul’s father Latif filed a case against Jibonnahar with Sreepur Police Station.