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The US State Department apparently has no idea who Dr Kamal Hossain is, contrary to what many perceive in Bangladesh. Visiting Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US administration Alice Wells checked with Ambassador Mercia Bernicat sitting beside her while she was responding to a question about him at a briefing in Dhaka on Monday. - A home for your website

“I have asked the ambassador who the individual was in particular and I think thats probably an indication that US is not seeking to manipulate or support one alliance or one party over another,” she said as she was asked whether the US administration here is supporting Dr Kamal-led civil society before the elections.
Dr Kamal recently forged alliance with the opposition BNP.
Earlier in August, Law Minister Anisul Huq said Bernicat and Dr Kamal Hossain were hatching conspiracies to topple the government.

Wells in her capacity oversees the South and Central Asia region.

The State Department official at the press briefing stressed “free, fair, credible and participatory” elections for the “future success” of Bangladesh. She said the US does not support any political party, rather it supports the process.

She said the ambassador here is “deeply aware of all the issues related to the elections. I am less so. Again, this is not about party or politicians. We support democratic process”.

She said Bangladesh is critical to the US in many ways. "We enjoy a robust trade and investment relationship, close cooperation on counterterrorism and peacekeeping, a strong development partnership, and extensive people-to-people ties."