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Gully Boy actors Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt will indulge in some fun activities with Kapil Sharma and his team. Gully Boy actors Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt will bring their infectious energy to The Kapil Sharma Show tonight. The actors will indulge in some fun activities with Kapil Sharma and his team. Alia and Ranveer will also have some crazy revelations to share with the audience. - A home for your website

Added to that will be Titli’s (Sumona Chakravarti) gang of punters and Baccha Singh’s (Kiku Sharda) energetic dance moves and crazy antics. Also, Ranveer and Alia will showcase their musical side with Kapil on the stage. The two actors will also unveil a special poster of their film featuring ’Funny Boy’ Kapil Sharma.

Rapping – A childhood dream for Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh will confess to being inclined towards rapping since childhood. The actor will share that he is very thankful to Zoya Akhtar that she decided to make Gully Boy. He will add that she was the one who recognized and honored his talent by casting him in the movie.

Alia Bhatt’s obsession with Karisma Kapoor’s song “Le gayi le gayi”

Alia Bhatt will recall her childhood fascination with Dil Toh Pagal Hai song “Le gayi le gayi”. She will talk about the time when she was so obsessed with the song that she ensured she carried the CD carrying the song along with her to parties, so that she could dance on the same.

Kapil Sharma and Ranveer Singh’s fan moment

While Kapil and Ranveer’s huge fan following is no secret, the two will be left emotional when their fans will come to meet them. A young man Ahmit will share how he lost 10 kgs by dancing on Ranveer’s hit songs. He now hopes to have abs by Ranveer’s next release. On the other hand, one of Kapil’s fans will mention how he is in good health and happy only by watching his show. Another fan will reveal that he has Kapil Sharma’s name tattooed on his bicep, leaving the comedian spellbound.

Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh’s funny revelation

Ranveer Singh will share how once he had renamed his contact as God on his friend’s phone. The actor said he enjoyed the fact that whenever he would call, his friend would feel that God was calling him. Alia Bhatt, on her part, will confirm that she has always been nicknamed as Aloo (potato). The actor will share that she doesn’t object to it as just like aloo, she too gets along with everything (everyone).