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When a crowd of onlookers gathered at the scene of the fire incident and just seeing the helpless people trapped inside the building burning in the devastating fire, a brave and intelligent teenage boy came forward with his valiant effort to help the firefighting team carry out their rescue mission.

When all the members of the firefighting team were engaged frantically in dousing the fire with their limited volume of water readily loaded on their firefighting vehicles, thousand of people were seeing the precious water being spilled and wasted through a large hole on the hose pipe. But nobody came forward to stop the leakage of the valuable water.

The onlookers were just busy to take photographs of the fire incident or to take video footage with their smart phones. Nobody felt it urgent to help the firefighting team or to do something to help the people at the critical juncture.

At such a situation, the brave boy Munna with his valiant attempt rushed towards the hose pipe and tried to stop the spilling of the water, putting his palm on the leakage point of the pipe. As his little palm was not enough to cover the large hole of the pipe, the intelligent boy asked others around him to supply him some polythene sheets so that he can cover the hole properly.

Accordingly the boy got some polythene sheets with which he tied the damaged portion of the hose pipe spirally and held it tightly with his small hands and legs so that the spiral tie does not come loose.

This time his tactical action worked properly and he could successfully check the spill of water through the hole of the pipe, saving the valuable water from being wasted. As a result, the members of the firefighting team could continue their dousing effort with the nonstop flow of water through the pipe.

The intelligence, brainpower and prompt action of the 10-year-old boy held the onlookers around him spellbound.

The full name of the boy is Naim Islam Munna, a student of class five at Urban Slum Ananda School in Dhaka. His father is a street vendor who sells green coconuts.

His work was also being telecast live by some television channels while some onlookers videoed his action instantly with their smart phones and uploaded in the social media like facebook and youtube, drawing much attention of the people from across the country.

The little boy’s prompt and deliberate action drew much appreciation from the people of all walks of life.

Later, the reporters surrounded the hero and started asking him series of questions about his heroic deed in the rescue mission.

“I came to know the fire incident when I was returning home from my school. Then I went to the spot at around 1:00 pm,” Munna said.

“I saw that the fire and smoke engulfed the major portion of the building; people trapped inside are screaming and desperately seeking help to save their live; the members of the firefighting team are frantically dousing the fire,” the described the horrors of the scene .

“But I noticed one thing which was being ignored by the onlookers there. Valuable water was being wasted as the hose pipe was leaking through a large hole. Nobody came forward to stop the spill of the water. An urge from the core of my heart forced me to take the attempt to save the helpless people,” he continued.

“If the valuable water finishes, the firefighters will have to stop dousing the fire, killing the people trapped inside the building. So I took decision instantly and got close to the pipe with an attempt to stop spilling of the water through the hole of the pipe. Initially I was facing problem to stop it, but later I could successfully do it as I tied the damaged part of the pipe with some polythene sheets,” he told.

The brave boy said, “It was painful for me to see the trapped people screaming for help. My heart was aching; I could not bear my mental agony to see the helpless people trapped inside the building burning devastatingly.”

“I was thinking what I could do to help the people. As I notice the water being spilled, I took part in the rescue mission with my effort to save the precious water,” he also said.

By doing such a heroic deed, the poverty-inflicted slum boy, turned out to be a hero who won the hearts of the millions of people watching the live telecast of the fire incident.

The footage of the boy’s heroic deeds has already gone viral in the social media. People are watching it everyday and praising the boy for his heroic action that helped the firefighters to continue their firefighting attempt to rescue the trapped people inside the building.

The members of the firefighting team and police also commended the heroic deed of the teenage boy who set an excellent example for mankind on how to work for humanity.