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Dhaka: Instead of only finding problems, the Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) should also focus on ways to resolve the issues, Anti-Corruption Commission Chairman Iqbal Mahmood said Tuesday. - A home for your website

He made the remarks while a three-member TIB delegation met him in the afternoon,

The head of the delegation, consultant of TIB’s Policy and Strategy Mathias Boss, wanted to know about the activity of TIB, perception of the people about the agency, relationship between TIB and ACC, sought recommendation and suggestion.

Mahmood said TIB has a positive image among people but there were also some criticisms.

’TIB has a scope to come up with ways to resolve problems instead of confining itself within finding problems,’ he said. ’This kind of institution should have a responsibility to identify problems and find ways to address them.’

He said the budget, income and expenditure of each organisation including TIB should be transparent. ’People should be informed about their income-expenditure, work plans and audit activities, not just on the website but also through the media,’ he added.

He said the ACC always welcomes TIB’s criticism of its activities, but to criticise the ACC or any other organisation, they have to realise the reality, situation and culture of the country.

’There will also be ways to get rid of criticism. It should appreciate the government or government institutions, political parties if they do any good work. They should not be one sided in criticism. They should be balanced in criticism,’ he added.

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