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Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen on Monday said the Rohingya issue will remain a priority one for the government mentioning that there should be an “obligation” for all neighbouring countries to make sure that the regional stability is protected. - A home for your website

“I think this problem wont be solved easily. So, weve to overcome many hurdles,” he told reporters at his office in Dhaka, reports UNB.

Emphasising the importance of stability and development in the country and beyond, the Foreign Minister said if stability prevails, development will take place and everyone will be benefited from it (stable atmosphere).

Minister Momen also urged all the neighbouring countries to work together for ensuring regional stability.

Asked whether the government will move ahead to resume the halted repatriation process in line with the already signed bilateral agreement with Myanmar or there will be new mechanisms, Momen said he needs to study it further in details.

He supported Prime Minister Sheikh Hasinas five-point proposal placed at the UNGA over finding an amicable solution to Rohingya crisis but noted that the international community could not play its due role on those very good proposals.

The Foreign Minister thinks the international community did perform their responsibility properly though Bangladesh showed its generosity giving Rohingyas shelter on humanitarian ground.

“The international community has a big responsibility for their (Rohingyas) repatriation and rehabilitation,” he said adding that the interest of Myanmar, India, Thailand and China, not only Bangladesh, might be affected if the Rohingya crisis remains unresolved.

Terming the Rohingya issue a very serious one, the Foreign Minister laid emphasis on further analysing economic, social and security impacts and subsequent consequences due to the Rohingya crisis.

Momen said the whole western world extended their support to the new government. “The entire western world expressed their support to the new government and conveyed that they all will work with us…the western force is with us.”

He said they want to engage the Bangladeshis living abroad in the development process of Bangladesh. “Now weve started the journey on the highway of the development and therere many expatriates who can help us. They can invest their expertise and wealth here.”

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