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Prices of different varieties of rice have marked a upward trend in kitchen markets due to disrupted supply during the December 30 general election.The price of local chicken is also on the rise. - A home for your website

Visiting several city retail kitchen markets, including Karwan Bazar, this correspondent yesterday found that prices of different rice varieties, including Polaw, Minicate, Najir, Paijam and Jira, increased by Tk. 2–4 a kg. Local chicken was being sold for Tk. 350–400 per Kg.

On the other hand, prices of winter vegetables were stable. Eggplants were being sold for Tk. 20–25 a kg, bitter gourds for Tk. 35–40, bottle gourds for Tk. 40–50 apiece, okra for Tk. 35 a kg, papaya for Tk. 20–25 and cucumber for Tk. 35.

Sweet pumpkins were selling for Tk. 30 a kg, while Sponge gourds sold for Tk. 60 and snake gourds for Tk. 100–120. Cauliflower and cabbage sold for Tk. 20–25 and Tk. 25 apiece respectively.

The price of green chilli remained unchanged at Tk. 30–40 a kg. The price of newly harvested potatoes went down by Tk. 5 to Tk. 30 a kg within a week.

However, the price of old potatoes declined by Tk. 2–3 during the same time. It was selling for Tk. 22–26 yesterday.

Kabir Hossain, a trader in the Kawran Bazaar kictchen market, said vegetable proces were stable thanks to adequate supply.

However, prices of onion, ginger, and potato were slightly high. Traders cited the rising import costs and a decline in local production as the main reasons behind the price hike. Local ginger was selling for Tk. 110-120 a kg, while the imported Chinese variety sold for Tk. 140-160.

On the other hand, the price of another essential cooking ingredient, onion, increased by Tk. 4–5 a kg in a week.

Local onion sold for Tk. 35–40 and the imported Indian variety for Tk. 28–30 a kg in the kitchen markets.

Spinach was selling for Tk. 10–15. Red and green leafy vegetables sold for the same price.

In some of the kitchen markets, tomatoes were priced at Tk. 30–35 a kg. Green tomatoes were selling for Tk. 20–40.

Only a couple of weeks ago, the price of tomato was over Tk. 100 per kg.

“This is the high season of tomato. Its price has gone down because of adequate supply,” a vendor said.

Beans were selling for Tk. 45–50 as against last weeks Tk. 35-40.

Regarding the price of rice, a vendor told The Independent that it was hard to predict anything.

“If the flow of supply and weather conditions remain favourable, the price may come down a bit,” said Hasan Mia, another vendor at Karwan Bazar.

However, the price of broiler chicken remained unchanged—it was selling for Tk. 130–135 per kg yesterday.

The price of broiler egg increased to Tk. 35–Tk 36 a haali (four pieces) from Tk. 32–Tk 34 a week back.

A chicken meat trader told The Independent that the demand for chicken increased notably, resulting in a hike in prices at the farm level.

Visiting several kitchen markets, this correspondent found that traders were selling a dozen eggs for Tk. 100-110.

In grocery stores, an egg was being sold for Tk. 10. Fish prices remained unchanged throughout the week.


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