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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of New Years? Why resolutions of course! And we all know what follows that; endless lists of “hitting the gyms”, “achieving XYZ”, or some completely unrealistic ones like climbing Everest, or visiting the Titanic. - A home for your website

What really happens on 1st January is a massive headache from all the partying and screaming about, followed by forgetting what the heck you were babbling about doing starting that day. Aiming high is always appreciated, but aiming too high runs the risk of losing interest in the first few days when actually attempting it. The universal truth about expectations is to always keep them nice and low, so that hitting or exceeding them can always act as morale boosters. So lets look at resolutions that actually make sense.

An achievable diet

Lets face it, every December we binge eat in the holidays with the resolution to start afresh in the blooming New Year. We promise to cut out carbs and unhealthy oils and make a pact to never eat fast food again. Not once has anyone stuck to this, because as tempting and fresh as this might sound, it is far from achievable. If you do however want a healthier diet, it is best to start with baby steps. Cutting out carbs entirely will only make you weak. So start by reducing proportions until you think you can handle going days without bread or rice.

A workout routine

If you have a gym membership lying around somewhere that barely gets used, full on commitment is probably not your best stepping stone. The start of the year pushes a lot of people to pursue a gym membership, and they even make full use of it, but only for a few days. Days get busier, workouts get smaller time allocations, until it is just another membership lying around. Since we know we are bound to get busy, do not commit to a full routine you cannot continue. Instead, keep one or two moves you can continue throughout the year. Consistency will help more than impulse workouts and will actually help you get in shape.

Give up a bad habit

From spending too much time on social media to bad smoking habits and biting your nails, if you know of a bad habit, try to fix it, but once again, take small steps. The moment you turn off Instagram completely for a day, you will feel deprived, especially if you are used to being on it. So limit your hours, and reduce them until you feel like you have reached a healthy exposure to the internet.

An organised corner

A lot of people like to aim for a New Year and new home. However, if you have ever started, you will know it is not easy to redo, or organise your entire home in one go. Sometimes, even a single room can pose a challenge. Kick start your organisation with a particular corner, and leave the work for weekends only. Maybe a study table, or your kitchen cabinet, or an unorganised bookshelf. This way, you will actually get work done, slowly but surely.

Numerical goals

A lot of times, the words weight loss and savings have vague meanings that you probably have in your resolutions, but you do not know the exact figures you wish to achieve. Instead write down the number of pounds you want to shed, the number of zeros you want to add to your bank balance, the number of rooms you want cleaned and so on. Making your goals more specific gives you a drive to actually reach them.

Explore hobbies

We all love to stick to what we know, it is only human nature. But make it your resolution to step out of your comfort zone and try out new activities; see if you can find something new you love to get that adrenaline rush back on. Try painting, pottery, sports, swimming or basically anything you have not spent a lot of time on before. Even if you do not end up finding a new hobby, you will have a great time trying things out.

Fix your sleeping schedule

Adults are supposed to enjoy at least a 7-hour sleep on average every night, however, sadly, every country faces problems in this area where the number of hours are way lower. So why not try to focus on better sleeping habits in the New Year? Ditch the electronics, change up your old flat mattress, get a change of sheets, throw in some essential oils, or basically anything you feel will help you get a good nights rest.

Dedicate more time to nature

Take a hike, go cycling, walk with your friends or sit in a park and stare at the trees. There is something quite therapeutic about being surrounded by nature. And with the incredibly busy city lights and noises, this can prove to be a good escape. While full-fledged vacations are a great way to see nature as well, it happens only for a while. So best make some time out weekly to take a long drive away from the bustling city.

Lessen your screen time

Be it your phone or laptop or TV, try to lessen your screen time as much as possible. We get it, its pretty impossible in this tech-centric world, where everything is digitised, but all this has made our lives pretty robotic, with minimal face to face communication. Instead of Skype, meet up with a friend when you can; have a nice chat at dinner instead of Netflix, you will surely feel different.

Quality Over Quantity

There is something quite satisfactory about new purchases. Unfortunately, more than half of the time, we end up buying things that are pretty unnecessary, or things we already own. This New Year, spend on useful things that will last you for a good while and will serve you well. Curb impulse buys and splurge on good technology, accessories, furniture and gadgets that will not require frequent replacements. The better quality goods you purchase, the more content you feel, and hence, the less you consume.


With the planet drowning in plastic, make it your resolution to reduce your plastic use and recycle more. Reduce consumption on unnecessary things that contribute towards pollution, waste and climate change.

Resolutions do not have to mean something you start on the first of January. These are mere goals that you incorporate in your daily lives, one step at a time, surely, but without rush.

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