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BNP leader Ruhul Kabir Rizvi has branded Obaidul Quader as the “most incompetent” road transport and bridges minister in Bangladesh’s history whose contributions are “limited to photoshoots”. - A home for your website

Rizvi, the senior joint general secretary, launched the scathing attack on his political adversary in a media briefing at the BNP’s headquarters in Dhaka’s Paltan on Tuesday.

He demanded the resignation of Quader, also the general secretary of Awami League, for his ’failure’ to limit the number of road traffic accidents.

“The country’s road traffic system is in a disarray due to mismanagement. There is heavy traffic congestion in the capital’s streets while the lack of adequate public transport has left the people in despair,” said Rizvi.
“The government had taken certain initiatives to address the road traffic situation during the movement by students for road safety. But it was just eyewash. They haven’t actually implemented any of those initiatives.”

On Jul 29, the death of two students who were run over by a bus on Dhaka’s Airport Road triggered a protest movement that saw students taking to the streets and pressing for a nine-point charter of demand for safe roads.

The students began ’policing’ the streets, checking the licences and registrations of vehicles and even stopping ministers, MPs and other eminent persons who they found were breaking law.

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