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Ingredients 1 lit full fat milk 1 tbsp lemon juice (+ 1tbsp , if required) for syrup (ros) :: 1 cup date palm jaggery (powdered / grated ) 1 cup sugar 3-4 pods cardamom (crush and make powder) 4 cups water gurer rosogolla. - A home for your website

Bring milk to boil using a heavy bottom pan When it comes to boil switch off the flame . After 1 minute add lemon juice to curdle the milk. Within few minutes you will notice the whey being separated. Now strain the cottage cheese in a cheese cloth lined above the strainer. Wash it with under tap water. It will remove the smell of lemon juice. Tie the cheese cloth and squeeze as much as possible to drain the excess water. Leave it for an hour. Allow the water to drain completely. Remember don’t press it much else it will be too dry & you will not be able to knead the chenna. Combine jaggery, sugar and water in a wide pan and switch on the gas. Transfer the chenna on a clean kitchen counter .

Using the heel of your palm start kneading the chenna. Continuously knead the chenna till your palm became oily and will able to form a ball out of it. Kneading is very very important as the rasogolls texture depends on the kneading. Now make small balls out of it. Check the syrup. Sugar & jaggery will be dissolved by now. Add tiny balls in the boiling syrup. Don’t put too many balls in a batch. Give them space to swell up. Cook the chenna balls in the syrup on high flame for first 10 minutes. Then reduce the flame and cook for 15- 20 minutes . The Rosogolls will become double in size. add crushed cardamom. Let it sit in the syrup for 2 hours. After 2 hour you can enjoy gurer Rosogollas with family and friends.

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