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The mobile network operators (MNOs) could not run any internet package less than seven days from January 27 as per the decision of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regula-tory Commission (BTRC). - A home for your website

BTRC has sent directive to all MNOs to stop the mini internet packs which were actually appeared burden for the internet users.

The customer will get the unused data highest six cycles with the renewal of the ongoing packages.

“Although, we had taken the decision earlier to stop such packages, but didnt able to implement it instantly for the ongoing offer of MNOs.

Approval of those packages will be expired on February 27 which would pave the way of implement the new decision,” said BTRC Chairman Md Jahurul Haque.

Jahurul Haque revealed the move during a view exchange meeting with the members of Telecom Reporters Network, Bangladesh (TRNB) at BTRC office in the capital yesterday.

BTRC director (system and services) Lt Col Azizur Rahman said all the MNOs are directed to follow instruction regarding unused data strictly.

Besides, BTRC has also set priority for this year to ensure quality of services (QoS) for the mobile phone users in Bangladesh.

“Weve taken QoS for the mobile phone users as challenge. We must ensure it and to do so, if necessary, legal action would be taken,” said BTRC chairman.

Mentioning that BTRC has set some parameters for the QoS, he said: “A consultancy firm with our own equipment is running a survey to know the actual scenario across the country.”

“Based on the result on those parameters, we will set next course of action to ensure the QoS. . .there will be no mercy for the case of QoS,” added the chairman.

Jahurul Haque also hinted that they would introduce ranking system for the mobile network operators on the basis of the parameters of QoS.

BTRC Commissioner Md Rezaul Quader said apart from the QoS, they would also focus on health issue from the radiation, tower sharing and network and few others customers centric issue.

Regarding the issue of QoS, he also echoing the chairman said they would go to next move on the basis of study report very soon.

Another BTRC Commissioner Md Aminul Hassan said the government is mulling to introduce 5G service in Bangladesh next year. “Weve asked all the mobile network operators to give presentation regarding 5G to take necessary preparation to launch the most advanced service in the country by 2020.”